Last weekend we held the c-base IoT hack weekend, focused on the Flowhub IoT platform. This was continuation from the workshop we organized at the Bitraf makerspace a week earlier. Same tools and technologies, but slightly different focus areas. c-base is one of the world's oldest hackerspaces and a crashed space station under Berlin.
Telemetry from @cbase visualized on @NASA OpenMCT, ready for the @Flowhub_io #IoT hack weekend starting tonight
Last weekend the c-base and friends team had a great time doing some hacking with Narrow Band IoT ( NB-IoT) from Deutsche Telekom at the nbiot-hackathon at hub:raum. We could put our hands on the BC95 chip, a dev board and access to the Telekom test network.
Greetings earthlings" --Team B-base pitching now #spacehelmets #NBIoTHack
Evening hacking at @cbase - showing crew on board as heat map on the main hall column light with @Flowhub_io
This July we're organizing a hack weekend around MsgFlo and Flowhub. This will focus on reprogramming the Internet of Things setup of the hackerspace. The aim is to connect more devices at the spaces to the MsgFlo environment, and come up with new connections between systems, and ways to visualize them.
Electricity consumption of @cbase seen live in @Flowhub_io, powered by MsgFlo #IoT
As mentioned in my Working on Android post, I've been using a mechanical keyboard for a couple of years now. Now that I work on Flowhub from home, it was a good time to re-evaluate the whole work setup. As far as regular keyboards go, the MiniLa was nice, but I wanted something more compact and ergonomic.